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Did you ever wonder how parties, golf outings, and galas really benefit the caring programs of Angela Hospice? These events generate income through registration fees, raffles, and others activities, to provide funding for Angela Hospice’s direct care programs.

For instance, our grief support programs are provided without a fee, and are not reimbursed by insurance payments. This compassionate service, open to grieving people of all ages throughout the community, is funded completely through charitable contributions, including event income, personal and corporate donations, and special grants. Our prenatal hospice program is another service that is provided 100-percent through charitable funding. Event income is also used to support the operation of our Care Center, Good Samaritan Care for the poor and uninsured, and other unique projects.

You can support Angela Hospice by inviting your friends and family to attend as well. The more people who learn about Angela Hospice’s work, the richer our service to the community becomes, as more individuals take part in the mission and values that drive our organization. Your support means more people in need will be served. Whenever you share the positive impact Angela Hospice has had in the lives of your family members, you plant a seed that can grow to help others when it’s time to make those challenging decisions about end-of-life care.

Thank you for all you do to help Angela Hospice and the patients and families under our wing!

Angela Hospice Annual Golf Outing

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