What is Hospice Care?

What is Hospice?

Hospice is specialized care for the terminally ill. Hospice seeks to empower patients to carry on alert and pain-free lives, to promote dignity, and maximize quality of life. It focuses on LIVING rather than dying. 

How is care provided?

Hospice care is provided by an team of professionals including physicians, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, therapists, spiritual care staff, and volunteers. Their combined expertise enables comprehensive care that nurtures all aspects of a patient’s needs — the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

When a patient is admitted to Angela Hospice’s program, an individualized plan of care is developed. The hospice team works together with the patient and family to control pain and manage symptoms, provide personal care, and additional support.

Where is care provided?
Most often hospice care is provided in the patient’s or a relative’s home, through home visits and consultations. Angela Hospice staff works with the patient’s family to teach them how to provide day-to-day care for their loved one. Angela Hospice also provides hospice care in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted livings, as well as in the Angela Hospice Care Center.
The Hospice Philosophy
  • Hospice is a philosophy rather than a place.
  • Hospice cares for the entire family.
  • Care is individualized and holistic, meaning hospice addresses spiritual, emotional, and social needs, not just the physical.
  • The goal of hospice is to keep patients as alert and pain-free as possible, allowing them to live their life in comfort while surrounded by the people who love them.
  • Hospice makes no attempt to prolong life or to hasten death.
  • Hospice is best when begun early enough that the patient and family can benefit from the full range of services.
How much does hospice cost?
Hospice care is covered by most insurances. It is a Medicare Part A benefit to all eligible Medicare recipients age 65 and older. As a result, Medicare pays for all hospice-covered benefits, including costs for the medical team, medical supplies and equipment, as well as medications for symptom control and pain relief – all related to the hospice diagnosis. The only hospice-related expense not covered by Medicare would be room and board if the patient lives in a nursing home or residential facility – such as our Angela Hospice Care Center. In addition, Medicaid eligible patients and some with hospice coverage in their private health insurance may receive additional benefits, such as reimbursement or coverage for room and board.

To begin hospice care or for more information about Angela Hospice programs or insurance coverage, call 734.464.7810 or complete our contact form.