The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

Telehospice Program

An extension of our home care program, Angela Hospice’s telehospice program allows patients and caregivers direct access to a hospice nurse 24/7 through Angela’s Virtual Assist (AVA). AVA Home is an easy-to-use computer tablet that patients and families can use at home to connect face-to-face with an Angela Hospice nurse. There’s also AVA Go, an app for Apple and Android users that allows those who use it to speak with a hospice nurse through video call and text.

AVA does not replace traditional home care visits, but rather supports and enhances home hospice care, ensuring that patient and caregiver needs are addressed in the most caring, effective, and efficient way possible.

AVA’s benefits include:

  • Peace of mind– knowing a nurse is always just a click away
  • Reduced wait time – a nurse can be on screen ready to help in an instant; no waiting for travel time
  • Ease of communication– the ability to show what is happening in-real time, rather than trying to explain over the phone
  • Better symptom management– symptoms can be managed more effectively and efficiently, for increased patient comfort
  • Decreased anxiety– families have told us that having an AVA unit is like having a nurse in the home, always ready to help

When an AVA unit is delivered to the home, the hospice team will provide instructions on how to use the device. Families are often impressed at how simple it is to use. There is no charge to lease an AVA device for our home care patients.

For more about our telehospice program, contact Angela Hospice at 734.464.7810.