Our Mission and Values

Inspired by the compassionate, giving spirit of those who came before us, our Angela Hospice team is committed to living out our mission and values each day as we care for our community and those we are privileged to serve.

Our Mission

Angela Hospice Home Care, Inc. is dedicated to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and Christ-like care to adults and children in the communities we serve.

Our Core Values


Our reverence for and commitment to promoting and protecting the dignity of persons.


An empathetic consciousness of others expressed in caring service.


The process that encourages an open mind and heart, leading to continuous improvement of the person and ministry.


Ensuring the needs of the poor and vulnerable are met through advocacy and action.


Forging right relationships . . . re-creating a sustainable environment . . . promoting the common good . . . in pursuit of peace.

Our heritage as a faith-based, 501(c)3 non-profit, built upon the values of the Felician Sisters, has shaped Angela Hospice into the organization it is today. We continue to pursue the compassionate work modeled by Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska who founded the Felician Sisters more than 150 years ago.

Blessed Mary Angela spent her youth caring for the sick, the aged, and the neglected. She showed compassion and acceptance for all, and reached out tenderly to support the wounded, the displaced, the poor, and the broken-hearted. Her loving spirit inspires us today.

“Let your love be like Christ’s love, revealing itself
not only in feelings but in deeds.”
– Blessed Mary Angela