ALS Care

A diagnosis of ALS brings with it innumerable challenges. But you don’t have to face them all alone. Angela Hospice’s professional staff is specially skilled in caring for those with ALS. Our staff and volunteers receive focused training in this area, and continue to work closely with local ALS agencies to provide support, education, and resources to both ALS patients and their families.

Our hospice team will work to individualize a plan of care to fulfill your end-of-life wishes and needs, such as:

  • Tools to enhance communication
  • Feeding tube placement or assistance with eating
  • Relief of breathing and respiratory issues
  • Special equipment and more

In addition, our inpatient Care Center features special rooms designed to care for those with ALS. These rooms are equipped with motorized lifts to comfortably transport patients between their bed, bathroom, and chair.

An Engineer’s Guide to Living with ALS

This list of tools and tricks was provided by Angela Hospice patient Matt McKeown. Matt worked as an engineer before he was diagnosed with ALS. As an engineer, tools have always been second nature to him. It all started when Matt’s fingertips became pinched. He found some miniature needle nose pliers that he could palm, and those became his fingertips. His list just unfolded from there. These items have helped Matt navigate life with ALS, and we hope his ideas can help others battling this disease live a little easier.
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“…David decided he needed additional care and we contacted Angela Hospice. His anxiety was decreased tremendously with Tricia’s compassionate nursing.”

– Susan B.