End of Year Wrap Up

Dec 30, 2022

Becca Guenther, LMSW, CGP, Grief Counselor

How to look back on 2022 – and the benefits of taking time to reflect

You may be eager to ring in the New Year and get to the fresh new start that January 1st is known for. While it’s true that there is much to say about setting goals and feeling refreshed, as well as leaving behind the not-so-great moments from the year, there is also something to be said about taking the time to slow down, reflect, and process all that you have experienced before waving goodbye to 2022.

Looking back and taking stock of our experiences and feelings from the last year serves us well in many ways:

  • It offers an opportunity to re-evaluate what worked for us this year, as well as what areas or ways of doing things could be updated
  • We can ponder the challenges we faced and how we overcame them as well, and see with clarity which challenges continue to show back up that may need some added tending to in the new year
  • We have the chance to reflect back on fond memories and experiences

There are many ways we can reflect back on the year and you don’t have to have had the most perfect year ever for it to be worth the time and energy it takes. In fact, in challenging times it can be exceptionally meaningful to pause and reflect, and then take the information you glean with you as you move forward.

Below are some prompts to get you started in your reflection. Consider taking out your journal or a pad of paper and writing out your answers or sharing your responses aloud in conversation with a trusted loved one. Feel free to add your own reflection questions to the list or rework them into whatever feels most useful to you, and be sure to come back for next month’s article on New Year’s Resolutions!

  • How did I nurture myself in 2022?
  • What did my self-care practice entail?
  • What am I proud of accomplishing in 2022?
  • What did I do well this year?
  • Is there anything I avoided this year?
  • What moments stand out to me?
  • What did I hope to do, but didn’t get the opportunity to?
  • What lessons, memories, and habits do I want to carry with me into the New Year?
  • What things do I want to leave behind in 2022?
  • What surprised me about 2022?
  • How did I experience joy this year?
  • Who or what was most supportive for me?
  • Am I content with how I spent my time and energy?
  • Knowing what I now know with the gift of hindsight, would I have done anything differently?


While feelings of grief are normal, handling them can be difficult and painful. Talking about what you are going through can help. Call 734.779.6690 to schedule an appointment. Or visit our grief support calendar with a detailed listing of upcoming support groups.

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