“There is no other place like Angela!”

Sep 15, 2020

Lauren Tschirhart, Development Assistant & Volunteer Liaison

For the past seven years, Suzy Gavin and her loved ones have been faithfully walking as team “Mel’s Believers” in the Angela Hospice Walk of Remembrance. They walk together in memory of Suzy’s brother-in-law, Mel Ojala.

“Mel was a man that was loved for his patience and kindness to everyone. He was a quiet man who never showed anything but humility – he just got involved and helped many people in many ways. He had a warm smile and kind heart,” Suzy said.

This Saturday, Angela Hospice will be hosting its 13th annual Walk of Remembrance as a virtual event. Although we are unable to physically come together, our mission for this walk remains the same: to remember those we’ve lost, while supporting those in Angela Hospice’s care.

Participation in this event helps to raise awareness and crucial funding for caring programs. Forming a Walk of Remembrance team allows families to further honor their loved one’s memory by collecting donations for charitable hospice and grief support programs in their name.

“This walk brings unity to the meaning that we are all connected to each other. When one suffers we all suffer. We can all be lifted in faith and knowing our loved ones are watching over us!” Suzy said.

Team Mel’s Believers walk not only in remembrance of Mel, but to celebrate the caring work of Angela Hospice. “There is no other place like Angela!” she said. “Angela Hospice is a special place because of the spiritual and healing environment it provides to the clients and families. The staff are so loving and compassionate, and the dignity each client is shown is very special.”

Looking back on a loved one’s passing is never easy, but knowing their last moments were peaceful means everything. “Mel never complained throughout his illness, he only asked his family that he would like to be able to pass from this life in peace and minimal pain.” Suzy said. “He had a very peaceful death. His last words to his family were that he was in a house and there were people there – when we asked who, he calmly said Jesus and Mary! We are forever grateful to know his last moments were so peaceful.”

“Angela Hospice is part of our last wishes for our remaining family” Suzy said. “We all want the peaceful passing from this life to the next with their help.”

If you would like to support future families, and walk in remembrance of the loved ones you’ve lost, please visit our events page, or call 734.953.6045 to register for the Walk of Remembrance.

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