Speakers Bureau

We’d love to come speak to your group! Angela Hospice’s Speakers Bureau is made up of skilled volunteers and staff who speak at no cost at gatherings and organizations within our community on subjects particularly familiar to Angela Hospice.

We’ll adapt our presentations to meet the time and interest of your specific audience.

Topics for all Audiences:

Solving the Mystery of Hospice
An enlightening introduction to the topic of hospice, debunking myths of hospice care and opening understanding of how hospice embraces and enhances life.
Five Wishes - Advance Care Planning

A topic exploring the importance of making our desires clearly known when our ability to communicate them is hampered. https://fivewishes.org/

Dying Well - Orchestrating the End of Your Life
Are you prepared? Learn about the facts and resources needed to create, and more importantly, fulfill the vision you have for the end of your life.

Presentations on Veterans for All Audiences:​

Insight into Military Culture

Learn about the training of service members, basic military terminology, and important policies that guide our military.

Understanding & Connecting to Veteran Benefits
An overview of benefits and resources provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs.
15 Things Veterans Want You to Know
Hundred of veterans were asked what they wanted civilians to know about them. Find out how they answered.
Military Culture & Spiritual Health
An engaging discussion on how spiritual leaders can best care for service members, veterans, and their families.
When the Dead Won't Rest: Survivor Guilt in Combat Veterans
A topic on the guilt veterans carry, how it affects the way they live and die, and how we can help them heal.
Inner Conflict & Survivor's Guilt
A look at inner conflict in veterans, the situations that can cause it, and interventions that can help.
Wounded Warriors: Their Last Battle
An insightful study of the emotional, spiritual, social, and moral injuries that combat inflicts on soldiers, and how they are impacted as they face their own death.

Special Topics for Healthcare Professionals:

Hospice Eligibility
What is hospice care, signs and symptoms of eligibility, and when is it time to consider hospice?
Pain & Symptom Management
Learn about types of pain, identifying pain, and treating pain.
Nutrition & Hydration at End of Life
Learn about the nutrition and hydration needs at end of life.
Terminal Secretion Management
Learn about terminal secretions and how to manage them. The answers may surprise you.
Morphine Facts & Myths
Learn more about morphine use and end of life care.
Post-Mortem Care
Learn how to provide after death care.