Simple Steps to Start Your New Year Giving Goal

Jan 13, 2023

Jennifer L. Dale, Director of Community Outreach and Philanthropy

Happy New Year! Do you believe in making New Year Resolutions?

Maybe you want to get in better shape? Read more? Eat out less? Or save more money?

But if you’re not ready to join a gym, set down the screens or cook, maybe enhancing your charitable giving is an easier way to start the new year off.

Here are a few simple steps to start your New Year Giving Goal off:
  • Become More Involved with your Favorite Charity – This could mean donating (time, goods & services, or monetary), attending events, serving on a board or committee, or following them on social media platforms.
  • Establish a Donor Advised Fund – DAFs are becoming more and more popular, allowing individuals and business to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, invest and grow fund assets, and recommend grants from the fund over time.
  • Declutter Your Home – Donate slightly used or even new items you no longer use or need in your home to a charity who could use them in auctions, raffles or to give away. You will gain space, receive a tax deduction receipt, and feel good – all at the same time.
  • Review (or Make) Your Estate Plans – It’s never too early to have an estate plan. These plans can include a charitable donation. Reviewing your estate plans ensures all references and information are up to date and current. Also make sure your loved ones know of your plans and where all important documents are located.

We all have goals in life, and we often make the start of a new year the point of starting even more goals. Kick off the new year by making THIS the year you make and achieve your goals!

For more information about including Angela Hospice in estate planning or donor advised funds, please contact Jennifer Dale, Director of Community Outreach & Philanthropy at or 734.953.6009.

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