Loving One and All

Sep 25, 2023

Dana Casadei, Media Relations Specialist

When Courtney Loving’s mom, Karen, was admitted to the Angela Hospice Care Center last fall, she was expecting her mom to be in a hospital-like setting.

What her family was greeted with – kind faces and a room full of warm touches placed just for Karen – couldn’t have been further from what she had expected.

“They make it very personal,” Courtney said. “That’s what I really appreciated; it was like there were no other patients in the facility.”

Courtney said that level of quality care made her mom and their whole family feel so important, another personal touch that made their hospice journey a little easier to handle.

Karen Loving was just 64-years old when she chose the Care Center, with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

“Loving” was the perfect name for her. She had such a big heart, constantly sharing and loving her whole family. She was a poet and graduated high school at only 16-years-old, and led a life that encouraged her children to follow their own endeavors, leading to careers in politics and entrepreneurship for them all. Karen simply liked to help people and was crazy about her family, many of whom showed up at the Care Center from out of state to say their goodbyes.

Everyone on shift at the Care Center made Karen’s family feel special while visiting.

“They went above and beyond,” Courtney said.

The team at Angela Hospice made sure Karen was as comfortable as possible during her time in hospice, and also helped her family feel loved, reassured, and best prepared for every moment that came with Karen’s hospice journey.

Given how much she appreciated the care her mom received, Courtney now recommends Angela Hospice based on her experience, telling everyone she can think of that Angela Hospice is where they need to be if someone they know is eligible for hospice.

Taking after her mother, Courtney hopes she can help others too, by sharing her story, helping others who may not know about hospice, and emphasizing that it might not be what they’re envisioning – that it can be truly beautiful.

Warm and supportive experiences like these are made possible in our Care Center because of the support of people like you. To help provide more families with around-the-clock care in a home-like setting, make a donation here.

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