Keeping the Connection Going

Feb 21, 2024

Dana Casadei, Media Relations Specialist

Jennifer Kennedy has a career and personal history filled with different Michigan non-profits, leaving her mark on each one, bringing depths of compassion to every role.

Now, she’s bringing that love for non-profits to Angela Hospice, where she joined the board last fall.

“I’m excited to work with my fellow members, and get to know them and their expertise, and be able to work together to do great things for Angela Hospice in our communities,” she said.

As far as her own expertise goes, Jennifer brings decades worth of marketing and communications experience to the Angela Hospice board, having worked previously at organizations like the Livonia YMCA, Trinity Health, and Madonna University.

Her connection to the Felician Sisters actually goes further back than her work at Madonna University ꟷ  as far back as the first grade, when she attended St. Valentine elementary school. That connection followed her through her graduation at Ladywood High School and Madonna University, where she earned her second master’s degree. Her first master’s degree was earned at University of Detroit Mercy, another faith-based institution.

All of this combined leads to a thorough knowledge of the Felician Sisters and their values, which will serve her well while on the Angela Hospice board.

“I want to provide my input as I can as an advisor and contribute to the success of the organization because I believe in it,” she said.

Jennifer’s belief in the work done at Angela Hospice comes from personal experience. She had two grandparents in home care under Angela Hospice. Each of those experiences left a long-lasting impression on her and her family.

She said that the Angela Hospice team members who came to prepare and educate the family on hospice were helpful, kind, loving, and compassionate. The way her family was treated during her grandparents’ time in hospice is in part why Jennifer wanted to join the Angela Hospice board.

“During such an emotional time… they offer a calmness, and compassionate service to help get through that, and in a very meaningful way,” Jennifer said. “I think it’s a privilege to take care of the sick and dying. I felt it was a privilege, I helped take care of my grandmother and worked with the Angela Hospice nurses.”

And as a non-clinical person, Jennifer feels that the Angela Hospice team is vital in offering the education, compassion, and support to get patients and families through the hospice journey.

Jennifer hopes to pass along how meaningful that experience can be to others, so they too know what a comforting and beautiful experience hospice care can be.

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