Home Care Visit Protocol

Mar 20, 2020

Kathryn Malkowski, Graphic Designer

March 23, 2020

—Angela Hospice Home Care Visit Policy—


Dear Angela Hospice Patients and Family Members,

As the number of confirmed cases of Coronovirus, COVID-19, continue to rise in Michigan and across the nation, Angela Hospice has had to make very difficult decisions regarding best practices and protocols during this unprecedented health crisis. Because Angela Hospice cares for seriously ill and vulnerable patients throughout metro Detroit and southeast Michigan, we never want to risk exposing you, your families, your hospice care team, or others in our community to a situation where everyone’s health could be compromised or endangered.

Based on Governor Whitmer’s Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order and the guidelines and directives we have received from federal and state government agencies, we have had to make an additional revision to our policy for home visits. Know that these decisions restricting the number of people at visits are not made lightly and are in sharp contrast to our normal protocols. We are sorry to have to take these additional steps and do understand how difficult this is for each of you.

We will continue to monitor the health crisis and make adjustments as required.  Please know that our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, your family and our entire community during this very stressful time. Please be safe.

Peace and May God Bless all of us,

Marti Coplai
President & CEO

HOME CARE VISIT PROTOCOL—effective March 24, 2020 

Effective Tuesday, March 24, the following home care visit restrictions will be in effect:

  • The number of people present during the hospice visit will be limited to one caregiver, in addition to the patient and hospice care team.
  • Exception will be made at time of death, when two loved ones can be present during the visit from the hospice team.
  • The caregiver and the patient will be required to complete the CDC recommended COVID-19 screening before the visit. An Angela Hospice team member will call to complete screening on the day of the visit before arriving.
  • Any person answering yes to any of the screening questions may be asked to wear a mask during the visit.

Additional precautions:

  • It is recommended that, when possible, individuals at the visit maintain a 6 foot social distancing protocol.
  • Angela Hospice team members may be wearing appropriate Personal Protection Equipment based on the screening questions.
  • During this health crisis, some visits may be done telephonically or via tele hospice (AVA) if deemed appropriate. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Adherence to these temporary restrictions is imperative for everyone’s safety. 

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