Grief and Gratitude

May 14, 2024

Jasmine I. Kendrick, LLMSW, CGP

Grief and gratitude…two topics that seem to be as far away from one another as possible. Experiencing the loss of a loved one will change life as you know it, thrusting one to adapt to a ‘new normal.’ It brings forth life changes and a slew of emotions that can truly be overwhelming at times. Generally, we are trying to navigate a world without our loved one. Such a task can cause us to never be who we once were, finding that many of life’s joys we might find hard to fancy again. So how does gratitude relate to this?

Seeking gratitude can offer up hope that we might not otherwise look to, especially during the grieving process. Not to be mistaken with ‘toxic positivity’ or an invalidation of feelings, gratitude while grieving gives us a new perspective on what we can hold on to when it comes to loss, and what we can look forward to, a skill that might have been lost itself for a while. Taking time to find the joys of life again though simple activities – such as journaling good moments that happen during the day; or remembering the relationship of you and your loved one, and all that they meant to you – gratitude can be a necessary tool to help you find yourself again.

Life after loss is more than a notion, and it isn’t without struggle. It absolutely turns our world upside down. Seeking gratitude, however, can help reorient ourselves amidst trying to move through our grief journey. While you might never be the same after the death of a loved one, there is hope for healing and hope to continue on life’s journey.


While feelings of grief are normal, handling them can be difficult and painful. Talking about what you are going through can help. Visit our grief care page for details about our free grief support programs.

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