Family Music-Based Activities: Apps and Websites for Music Learning and Games

Jun 4, 2020

Heather Dean, MT-BC, Music Therapist

If you are wondering which apps or sites are appropriate for your child’s age range, Common Sense Media is a great site. I also use this myself with my own kids to check which movies are appropriate. (Nope, I am “no fun” say my teenage boys.)


This is for iOS, but soon for android devices. A little intense, it may be better for the older kids.

This looks so fun for younger children — great exercise, plus working on attention and focus.

I like the idea of music-based games because I would rather our kids engage and focus on music rather than anything violent.

Music Learning:

I used this site when I was a piano teacher. Kids loved it. There are free games, but you need the correct Adobe Flash plugin.

I LOVE YouTube for lessons (shhh…don’t tell music teachers). Of course, it is always better to have a personal teacher, but in the meanwhile these are great videos. BONUS — you can pause and rewind to your heart’s content. These are just a few videos. There are TONS on YouTube.

This video comes with a chart you can print!

Easy to follow:

Of course there are lots of apps too that can be helpful. Just look in Google Play for some suggestions.

Mussila Music School offers a 7-day free trial (for kids 6-11 years old).

App for Android

App for Apple devices

Not sure why, but kids seem to go bananas for Tap A Tune (??):

Monkey Drum for Apple: (maybe because I love monkeys?)

Speaking of lessons, these lessons are not free, but there is a site that you can pay for virtual lessons. It is called Lesson Face. Also, local places may offer virtual lessons now if you check around.

Khan Academy is currently offering FREE lessons during this COVID-19 crisis. I personally love the classical music videos.


Stay tuned for more ideas from Heather’s Family Music-Based Activities series.

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