The Importance of Ethics in Fundraising and Philanthropy

Oct 18, 2023

Jennifer L. Dale, Director of Community Outreach & Philanthropy

One of the great benefits of being an active member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is that I have the ability to participate and learn from all the educational offerings available. Seminars, workshops, and readings about planned giving, event production, major gift planning, and donor management allow me to fine tune and ethically enhance my role as Director of Community Outreach & Philanthropy at Angela Hospice.

Also as a member I must comply with the Code of Ethical Standards. The code was created to help foster the development and growth of fundraising professionals to enhance philanthropic and volunteer initiatives. The 25 standards address issues such as privacy, stewardship of funds, professional responsibilities, and compensation, including a prohibition on accepting commissions or percentage-based fundraising.

AFP celebrates and recognizes October as Ethics Awareness Month, a campaign to highlight the importance of ethics in fundraising and the impact it has on the world.

At Angela Hospice we integrate ethics into our work every day. Acknowledging October as Ethics Awareness Month just gives our donors, volunteers, prospective donors, community leaders, and colleagues the peace of mind and remembrance that not only do we appreciate your support, but we also value the trust you give to us.

For more information about the Code of Ethics and/or philanthropy at Angela Hospice, please feel free to contact me, Jennifer Dale, at 734.953.6009 or

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