Donor Wall Glass Plaque

Your generosity helps Angela Hospice grow.

Prominently featured in our Care Center lobby, our Donor Wall represents the incredible generosity that has led Angela Hospice to become a well-respected community fixture that serves thousands of families each year. The dramatic sculpted tree features umber glass plaques signifying our “foundation” donors: the businesses, foundations, and individuals who contributed to the construction of our Care Center in 1993. The jade glass plaques represent our more recent donors who continue to promote the important mission of Angela Hospice.

In addition to creating a lasting testament to your compassionate support of the Angela Hospice mission, your contribution to Angela Hospice’s donor wall helps fund the operation of the Care Center, and ensures this valuable community resource will be available to help more families.

Each plaque is inscribed with the donor’s name, and those with a special icon indicate the donors who have sponsored a specific room of the Care Center.

For more information on room sponsorships, or to create a pledge payment plan, contact our Community Outreach & Philanthropy Department.

To order, call the Angela Hospice Community Outreach & Philanthropy Department at 734.464.3478, or use the form below.