Detroit Catholic Central Moms Celebrate Hospice Workers During COVID-19

Apr 9, 2020

Lisa Norton, Development & Communications Coordinator

A group of Detroit Catholic Central High School moms decided they wanted to do something special for our clinical staff, who have been working so hard in the midst of this stressful COVID-19 health crisis. The women coordinated with nurse Kelly Campbell, Home Care Clinical Supervisor for Angela Hospice, whose son recently graduated from Catholic Central.

On Wednesday, the group set up 40 handmade signs outside our Care Center facility and along the driveway, to encourage and cheer our healthcare workers. They also tied big white ribbons around the trees to show support for front-line medical staff.

Helen Balmforth, Angela Hospice Development and Special Events Manager, related that some staff members teared up when they saw what the Catholic Central moms had done. “I think, for some, it’s an emotional release to see that,” Helen explained. “I think it has a real impact on people.”

The group also brought two large cases of toilet paper. Each roll is individually wrapped so staff could each take a roll as a gift.

“We didn’t know what to expect,” Helen said. But the staff was touched by the women’s thoughtful gesture.

“Tell them thank you so much!” said Marti Coplai, Angela Hospice President and CEO. “I love the signs and ribbon around the trees. I can see that from my window!”


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