Celebrating Love’s Legacy at the Tree of Life

Dec 12, 2022

Lisa C. Norton, Communications & Development Manager

For some families, the Tree of Life has become a yearly tradition. For others, this is the first time following the loss of someone precious. But whether it’s a new or old tradition, the Tree of Life can be full of meaning.

“It’s a good way of honoring the ones that you’ve lost. It’s comforting,” said Marla Moldovan.

For Marla and her family, the Tree of Life is not only a way to remember her mother and her uncle, it’s also a way of giving back for the care they received from Angela Hospice.

“You guys were there for me every step of the way,” Marla said. She lost her mother, Shirley Ranta, in 2018. Shirley had been receiving home hospice care, and Marla was grateful for the support the Angela Hospice team provided – especially using Angela’s Virtual Assist to video chat with nurses whenever she had a question or wasn’t sure what to expect.

“You know, I was always afraid of losing my mother, but they were there every step of the way. And the compassion and caring… I never had a dumb question,” Marla continued. “They were just very helpful. And they really helped my father too.”

If you would like to give back and add your angels to the Tree of Life, visit the Angel Tree Cottage on the Angela Hospice grounds before January 2, or visit our website to contribute online. All proceeds benefit charitable programs for hospice patients and people who love them.

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