Capturing a Magical Moment

Feb 15, 2023

Dana Casadei, Media Relations Specialist

One of Lori Pimlott-Calvin’s last great moments with her mom, Mary, is now captured in a photo on her desk.

In the photo, taken by Lori and shown above, Mary is in her room in the Angela Hospice Care Center enjoying a visit with Lori’s wife, Jill Calvin; their dog, Quinn; and a lot of love.

“Mom had Alzheimer’s,” Lori said. “She didn’t really remember Quinn, she just thought it was somebody bringing in a dog to visit her, and as you can see in the picture, she looks pretty happy about it.”

“You could definitely see the sparkle in her eye. Her eyes kind of lit up when Jill walked in with the dog,” she continued.

Mary not only loved dogs, but also pens and pins. Over the last 20 years Mary could be found wearing an angel pin every day, and she rotated between about 200 different ones. Her love was so well-known for both that at Mary’s memorial they gave each guest a pen engraved with Mary’s name on it, and an angel pin.

She was in the Angela Hospice Care Center for about a week before she passed last March.

This wasn’t Lori’s first experience with Angela Hospice. She knew people who had used Angela Hospice services for a loved one, and given how positive their experience was, it lead her to choose the Angela Hospice Care Center for her mother.

Lori (right) walked in honor of her mother at last year’s Walk of Remembrance along with her sister, Janeen Sergison (left) and Jill (center).

“We knew whatever it took to get her in there was what we were going to do, because we loved it,” she said.

Mary was grateful to know her mother was being looked after by a caring team, in a beautiful facility that made her mother’s comfort and well-being a top priority.

“Everybody was so fabulous… and just so nice,” Lori said.

Mary especially raved about the food. That was rather high praise for the cuisine at Angela Hospice given how much Mary loved to eat out.

“We kind of told her that she was in a fancy hotel because she kept making comments about how good the food was,” Lori said. “And I told her, ‘Mom, only the best hotel for you.’”

Made possible through the generosity of Angela Hospice donors, the Care Center provides patients with expert care around the clock, in a peaceful, home-like environment. Patients have all their medical needs met, while receiving emotional and spiritual support.


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