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Lisa Norton, Development & Communications Coordinator

April 17, 2020

Benefactor Spotlight: W. Michael George

Michael George was celebrated last fall at Angela Hospice’s annual Light Up a Life Gala. As a benefactor and former board member, he has made significant contributions to Angela Hospice’s programs. But it was his parents who first experienced Angela Hospice’s mission.

“I have never forgotten the compassionate care my mother received as an ALS patient,” Michael said. His mother, Jane, was cared for by Angela Hospice before her passing in May 1997. The experience had a lasting impact on Michael as well as his father, William “Bill” George. who in 1999 became an Angela Hospice volunteer.

“My father was so impressed with the level of care she received…” Michael said. “When I spoke with him he would always speak enthusiastically about his work there. Angela Hospice was very meaningful in his life and he approached it as a great place of compassion and sympathy at a very difficult time.”

Bill George was a treasured volunteer until the time of his death in February 2006. That spring, Michael traveled from his home in New York to attend the Angela Hospice Arbor Day Ceremony, where his father was being remembered. In honor of both his beloved parents, Michael made a generous gift on that occasion toward the work of Angela Hospice in the community.

“Supporting the mission of Angela Hospice is a priority in my life,” Michael explained. In addition to his financial gifts, Michael has leant his support to Angela Hospice in other significant ways. After retiring from Credit Agricole Securities, Inc., Michael was invited by Sister Mary Giovanni to join the Angela Hospice Board of Directors in 2010. Michael offered his guidance, especially in financial matters, as he humbly led and served on the board until 2016.

“From my previous work on the board I learned firsthand the tremendous amount of attention that was given to ensuring that compassionate care shone through in all patient interactions,” Michael said. “It is this level of attention to all of those approaching the end of life’s journey that stands out as being extremely meritorious of continued support.”

Among his priorities as an Angela Hospice donor, Michael has placed a strong emphasis on his support for educational programs. In face, he began a tuition fund for Angela Hospice team members. He also values the outreach efforts of the Empowerment Project for its ability to enable undeserved community members to learn and understand resources available to them and “to embrace how end-of-life care can provide compassion to the individual and relief to the family and friends.”

Michael knows firsthand how precious this support can be for families — not only in the moment, but long beyond. Three years ago, on the twentieth anniversary of his mother’s passing, Michael wrote, “Not a day goes by that I do not think of the wonderful care she received at Angela.”

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