A Beautiful Addition

May 30, 2023

Dana Casadei, Media Relations Specialist

Angela Hospice was there for Thomas Phimister, providing compassion, comfort, and medical expertise as he spent his final days in the Angela Hospice Care Center. So when Thomas’s son, Ryan, was offered the chance to do something to help Angela Hospice, he was eager to give back.

Ryan had learned that Angela Hospice needed bricks to regrade the area around the Holy Family statue outside the Care Center. So he went to his boss at Fendt Builder’s Supply, owner Alan Fendt, and asked if he would donate the brick needed for the project. Alan had zero hesitation.

“He’s a big believer in giving back…” Ryan said. “He’s pretty good about doing donations and things like that, just for the purpose of being thankful for what he has.”

Ryan is thankful too, for the kindness and attention his father received at the Care Center.

“It was absolutely outstanding,” he said. “You guys were really, really good. And, as the experience went, it went as well as it could. So we thank you for that. That was pretty awesome.”

Ryan and his family often visited Thomas during his time in the Care Center, and were familiar with the picturesque grounds. Now thanks to Ryan and Alan’s generosity, the Holy Family shrine will continue to be a special feature on the grounds, welcoming families for decades to come.


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