Pediatric & Prenatal Hospice

Our My Nest is Best Pediatric and Prenatal Hospice programs provide valued help to families at a most difficult time.

When it comes to pediatric hospice, our cost of providing care is typically more expensive, while reimbursement amounts remain the same. Your support for this special program, which allows terminally ill children to receive specialized care in the comfort of home, will enable funding to cover costly treatments, medical supplies, and equipment specially designed for young patients. You’ll also be helping to relieve the burdens of families facing financial hardships.

Our Prenatal Hospice program is offered free of charge to parents whose unborn child is not expected to survive, or who may be born with a life-limiting illness. This program is not reimbursed by insurance, and is funded entirely and exculsively through donations. It allows us to provide guidance and support for these families, including one-on-one and family counseling; creating a birthing plan; collecting precious keepsakes and mementos; providing options for the infant’s care upon discharge; or if the time comes, saying “goodbye.”

From a Prenatal Hospice family

We came to hospice about a month after finding out our son was not destined to live past birth. What a devastating and unexpected diagnosis for first time parents to receive. We did not know where to turn or how to navigate through such pain at the time that should have been joy filled. Ann Patrice has been there every step of the way from the first phone call, to planning his funeral. She was at the hospital when I went into labor (on the weekend) and was there to meet Caleb’s body and there as we had to leave him at the hospital. She knew and loved him. She was there at the hospital a month later when I experience bleeding and complications. She has held our hands, shared our tears, listened, addressed, supported, and prayed.

Ann Patrice has been the one constant on this unknown, up and down, exhausting and hard journey. She is one of the few people to understand everything I say as OK and normal, and makes me feel safe in sharing the crazy range of emotions felt since Caleb’s death. She has been there for all the “firsts” that we mourn since his death. She truly understands the pain we feel and has a heart to serve and help us. We are so glad to know her and to work with her.

Ann Patrice made hospice care seem less scary and full of love. She has become our friend. We know one day when she goes to heaven our son Caleb will greet her with a hug and thank her for helping his mommy and daddy on earth.

Thank you for all the work that you do.

Jeremy & Jennifer

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