Celebrating Mission & Heritage Week 2022

Lisa C. Norton, Communications & Development Manager

October 5, 2022

Diane Smith, director of Mission Integration at Angela Hospice, with a few of the many items collected during this year's food drive.

Each year the feast day of St. Francis, October 4, marks the beginning of Mission and Heritage week, celebrated by Felician ministries across North America.

“The heritage of the Felician Sisters goes back to 1855, when Blessed Mary Angela founded the congregation in Warsaw. But it goes back even further — to the 12th century, when St. Francis of Assisi was discovering and living what would become the Franciscan spirituality that guides the communal and ministerial lives of the Felician Sisters. It goes back to St. Clare and St. Felix of Cantalice, to the brave sisters who served in war-torn Poland, to the pioneer sisters who left home to minister in North America, and to all of the forward-thinking sisters who founded hospitals, orphanages, hospices, missions, homeless shelters and more in the last 147 years.”

(Source: https://www.feliciansistersna.org/connect-with-us/news.html/article/2021/11/24/celebrating-mission-heritage-week)

Mission and Heritage week provides a chance to celebrate the legacy of these caring women, the passion that motivated them, and the faithfulness that inspired them. We are grateful for all that they achieved, all they sacrificed, and for the foundation they laid.

Diane led a pilgrimage around Felician Founded Ministries, including Angela Hospice.

In gratitude, we reaffirm our dedication to the Felician Core Values, which provide the foundation for the caring mission Angela Hospice is entrusted with today:

Respect for Human Dignity



Solidarity with People in Need

Justice and Peace

October 10, the feast of Felician Foundress Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska, marks the end of Mission and Heritage Week. But for us at Angela Hospice, it also recalls a beginning; it is the anniversary of Angela Hospice’s founding 37 years ago. As we embark on our 38th year, let us take inspiration once again from the words of Blessed Mary Angela:

“Try to do good to everyone for the love of Jesus.”

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