Is a Career in Hospice Right for You?

Lisa C. Norton, Communications & Philanthropy Manager

February 20, 2023


New nurses and nursing assistants — and experienced healthcare professionals looking for a change — may ask themselves, could hospice be right for me? It might seem intimidating to some, but others feel called to work in hospice care.

There’s no exact way to predict whether a career in hospice will be a good fit. But if the following statements apply – there’s a good chance you could excel in the hospice field.

Six signs that a career in hospice could be right for you:

  1. You like spending a little more time with your patients.
    Working in hospice, you have the chance to provide bedside nursing. You can get to know your patients, the people who are closest to them, and what is important to them as a family.
  2. You value a supportive team.
    At Angela Hospice, nurses, aides, physicians, social workers, spiritual care coordinators, and nurse practitioners all work together. We learn from one another and support each other in a way that is both enriching and uplifting!
  3. You believe in the holistic approach to care.
    People are more than their disease, and wellbeing is about more than just their physical condition. Hospice focuses on quality of life, encompassing the emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial as well.
  4. You understand the value of spirituality.
    Spirituality often comes to the forefront as someone approaches the end of their life. For individuals working in hospice care, the work itself can feel spiritually meaningful.
  5. You’re looking for a rewarding career.
    Our team members will tell you there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help families through this sensitive time in their lives. You’re truly able to witness the impact you’re making. The kindness you provide is an unforgettable gift.
  6. You treasure every day.
    Whether it’s the opportunity to do something meaningful, to brighten someone’s day, or simply the idea that every stage of a person’s life matters… hospice could be right for you if you believe every day is a gift.

To learn more or to apply for an opening at Angela Hospice today, visit our Careers page.

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