Employee Spotlight: Rory Moning

Lauren R. Tschirhart, Development Assistant & Volunteer Liaison & Reverend Diane Smith, MDiv., BCC, Director of Ministry Engagement

October 23, 2020

The Angela Hospice team is full of faithful individuals. These individuals are committed to making Angela Hospice the best that it can be, and you won’t find anyone more devoted than Building Manager Rory Moning.

While working as an employee of Kamp Dicomo Construction Company, Rory was a fixture on the Felician square mile. The Southgate native began his career as a laborer. Then, he moved up the ladder to carpenter. By the end of his 16 years with the company, he was a supervisor. Rory had a hand in building a number of structures on campus including Senior Clergy Village, the Madonna University Library, and the Angela Hospice Care Center.

It was during his time building the Angela Hospice facility where Rory truly found a home. That is when he met his wife of 20 years, Mary Beth, the decorator on the job. The couple married, and eventually Sr. Mary Giovanni, Angela Hospice’s foundress, invited Rory to become the building manager. Rory knew the building well, and was in every meeting for the new construction with Mary Beth. When the time came to expand the facility in 2008, Rory was in on the “ground floor” of planning for the Care Center as well as the landscaping and gardens.


Rory during the Angela Hospice Care Center Construction

Rory counts himself lucky to be surrounded by such loyal colleagues, especially the “old-timers,” a phrase Rory used to refer to his nearest and dearest coworkers: the “great housekeepers,” Dawn and the now retired Clarice, who worked with him over the past 9 years, and his Facilities Assistant Ron who has been with him 16 years.

Rory and Ron have known each other since junior high school. “Rory has always been a good guy,” said Ron. “He is easy to work for, and nobody cares about Angela Hospice more than Rory…. We are very lucky to have him.”

On December 5th Rory will be celebrating 26 years with Angela Hospice! Between the years put in, and the superb upkeep of the Angela Hospice building and grounds, it is clear that Rory is a dedicated member of the Angela Hospice team.

“People can tell by the way the building looks,” Rory said. “It’s my pride and joy.”

Housekeeper Dawn, Facilities Assistant Ron and Building Manager Rory

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